UFO Sighting 2016: Strange Fiery Red UFO Spotted In Paris Night Sky

UFO Sighting 2016: Strange Fiery Red UFO Spotted In Paris Night Sky
UFO sighting Petras Gagilas / Flickr cc

A video clip featuring a mysterious fiery red UFO in the night sky posted on YouTube on Wednesday caused a lot of ripples in the community of the conspiracy theorists. The UFO sighting video was recorded by a couple who spotted the bright red orb in Paris.


The video, which appeared only days after a NASA live footage captured a golden UFO hovering over the earth’s atmosphere, was posted on the Best UFO Sightings YouTube channel on Wednesday. According to the Best UFO Sightings it “tries to reveal conspiracy” and aims to answer queries where others failed.

In the beginning, it appears to be a mere traffic light. But as the camera zooms, it becomes apparent that the fiery red UFO is much higher above, the Mirror reported. Before vanishing into the darkness, the UFO moved erratically.

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It is one of the many UFO sightings that occurred across the world this year. Another UFO sighting was reported in France earlier in July. According to the witness, there were two UFOs flying across the sky at different speeds.

“One of the first convincing night time sightings I recorded with my Sony A7s camera,” the witness was quoted as saying by the Latest UFO Sightings.  “While I was pointing a laser to some stars in the sky, two clear objects flying at different speeds crossed the sky. I didn’t notice them when they appeared. After checking the footage on my PC, I noticed a pretty weird fast object glowing regularly.”

He added that the witness thought it was just meteor. But upon observing its constant speed and trajectory it appeared to be something else. “The object doesn’t change its speed and keeps its trajectory in a straight line. My guess is that it was some sort of propelled object, either reflecting light from an external source, or emitting its own light (a craft?),”  the witness said.

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