UFO Sighting 2016: NASA Edits Video To Hide Large Cube UFO

UFO Sighting 2016: NASA Edits Video To Hide Large Cube UFO
UFO sighting Stanislav Trifonov / Flickr cc

NASA is once again accused of editing a video shot Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) cameras EIT 195 and EIT 171 after a large square UFO appeared between the earth and the sun.


The footage led the conspiracy theorists to think that the black square was used by NASA to cover up a UFO sighting, hovering around the earth.

To some UFO believers, the cube could even be a Borg cube alien spacecraft, similar to the one on the star Trek. However, many try to logically explain the occurrence by suggesting that it could be due to pixelation flaws in the NASA device

But UFO hunters argued that NASA is using the occulting device to keep the large square UFO out of the view of the general public, the Before It’s News reported.

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The large cube was caught on two different cameras 25 hours apart earlier this week. The cube was large in size than earth and according to UFO hunter Scott C. Warring of the UFO Sightings Daily the object is definitely more than just a pixelation flaw.

“This is evidence that the cube is really there and is a large skid object bigger than the earth,” Waring said in his blog. “The cube is in the same location in both photos.”

However, the opinion that the large cube is used by the NASA to block the presence of a UFO has been gaining grounds since the footage was shared online, the Sputnik News reported.

Moreover, the images that can be downloaded from SOHO’s website do not feature the cube, leading to accusations against NASA of practicing tactics to present a clear background in the images. UFO hunters have blamed NASA for editing video footages after a UFO sighting earlier as well. Recently, the organisation allegedly cut off a live video streaming after a large golden UFO appeared.

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