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UFO News: Barack Obama To Admit Aliens Exist Before Leaving White House

UFO News: Barack Obama To Admit Aliens Exist Before Leaving White House
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UFO News: Barack Obama To Admit Aliens Exist Before Leaving White House

President Obama might be the one to break the mother of all UFO news: irrefutable evidence that we are not alone in the universe. That is if conspiracy theorist and alien hunters are right that he will reveal the truth before stepping down as president.

After two full terms in office, everyone can agree that Barrack Obama has shaken the foundations of the United States. From bringing back troops stationed overseas to revolutionizing the healthcare system, he has done it all.

But all of his achievements, or blunders depending on your political views, will be nothing compared to what conspiracy theorists think he is about to do. Yes, many so-called “disclosure campaigners” believe this is the year the president will reveal all.

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And by all, they mean all alien and UFO related information hidden from the public. If this is true, no longer will UFO news be considered pseudo-science but fact-based study accepted by the scientific community.

The Mother Of All UFO News

According to Express, Stephen Bassett, the only registered UFO disclosure lobbyist in the US believes that Mr. Obama will do it. In an interview Earth Mystery News, Mr. Bassett stated that if the announcement pushes through it will be more profound than the second coming of Jesus Chirst.

That might be the case as definitive proof that aliens exist will have devastating effect not just on Christianity but on all religions. Many will be unable to immediately accept the truth and might even consider it a joke.

As for Obama, the announcements will probably the biggest legacy he will leave as president. Forget the Nobel Prize, he will be talked about for centuries to come for this revelation.

Of course, there has been no confirmation that the announcement will actually happen. So keep an eye for more UFO news and hopefully the truth will be set free this year.

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