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UFO News 2016: Aliens, Mysterious Flying Object Spotted In United Kingdom? [Video]

UFO News 2016: Aliens, Mysterious Flying Object Spotted In United Kingdom? [Video]
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UFO News 2016: Aliens, Mysterious Flying Object Spotted In United Kingdom? [Video]

The United Kingdom has found itself at the center of UFO News in recent weeks as ordinary Britons capture images and videos of mysterious flying objects. Now a resident of Somerset may hold irrefutable proof that extraterrestrials are real.

John Wilson was busy making dinner in his kitchen when he noticed something very peculiar. The 44-year old was amazed as he saw a mysterious light hovering in the sky.

Wilson told Express, that he quickly went to alert his young son to get his camera. The bright white light was silent as it hovered at the same time sporadically pulsating while drifting into the night sky.

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At first, Mr. Wilson could not believe that what he saw was alien in origin and tried to come up with a logical conclusion. After coming up with nothing, he submitted to the idea that the mysterious object was alien in origin.

UFO News: Mysterious Lights Spotted In Somerset Not Man-Made

“I looked outside and thought to myself, ‘that light shouldn’t be there’.” said Wilson. They also claim that have gotten used to what’s flying around in the area.

From helicopters ferrying people to the town’s hospitals to planes passing overhead.  They know how they fly and the sounds they make which is why he was also certain that the hovering object was not of this world.

John Wilson later checked the local news if anyone else saw the mysterious object. He also checked with the some military personnel that he knew to confirm that what he saw did not belong to the army.

Less than a month ago, a family visiting Yorkshire also made UFO news after their daughter captured a mysterious flying object on her phone. The object seemed to hover in the sky without any audible engine sound.

The United Kingdom has had its fair share of UFO news over the past decades. Could this connection with extraterrestrials be attributed to the large number of mysterious structures in the country?

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