UFO Expert Reveals Secret Behind ‘Alien Sightings’

UFO Expert Reveals Secret Behind ‘Alien Sightings’
UFO Vladimir Pustovit CC BY 2.0
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Assessing scores of pictures and videos that purport to contain sightings of UFO, Scott Brando said that never has an alien aircraft that visited our planet been captured on camera.


Brando, creator of the website UFOOfInterest.com, says the reasons for those alleged sightings are explainable by science. His website publishes evidence that dismisses false alien or UFO revelations. He says that no picture or video has ever been taken that documented a UFO.

Nevertheless, he does believe that extraterrestrial life exists.

Speaking with Express.co.uk, he said, “At this time there are no REAL unexplained UFO sightings. I have been looking for them for many years.” He has assessed some of the most popular cases that involved alien sightings but that “there are too many cases, so it is impossible to analyze them all.”

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However, speaking about the scores of photographs that he has seen, he said, “Over the last five years, on thousands of investigated cases, 30 per cent were lens flares.” According to Cambridge in Colour, lens flares are created “when non-image forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera’s film or digital sensor. This often appears as a characteristic polygonal shape, with sides which depend on the shape of the lens diaphragm.”

A campaign has been launched by Brando and people behind websites similar to Brando’s, like UFOThreater.com, against YouTube UFO hoaxers and those releasing fake alien footage.

An excerpt from an article Brando wrote on his website says, “The Internet, video sharing and social networks, such as YouTube, YouReporter, Facebook and Twitter, on the one hand led to a rapid dissemination, consultation and feedback of the UFO phenomenon, and on the other, unfortunately have determined the uncontrolled viral spread of false sighting products through the manipulation of photos and videos that have seriously altered both the regular perception of the phenomenon.”

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