UFO Confirmed Over Russia? Expert Authenticates Sighting

UFO Confirmed Over Russia? Expert Authenticates Sighting
Saint Basil’s Cathedral (Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat) on Red Square in Moscow (Russia) Alvesgaspar/ Flickr CC BY-SA 3.0

A group of mysterious lights hovering over Russia’s cosmopolitan capital Moscow has ignited Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sighting rumors in the nation. The video of the UFO sighting, which has so far been viewed by more than 97,000 individuals, was originally posted by a user named Timur.


The video exhibits four unidentified lights hovering and moving rapidly downward through the air above the city. A huge number of people have viewed the images across the county, which seem to show the UFO in motion at great speed then hovering together.

An eyewitness stated, “There were four balls of light. A red one to the left, two white ones in the middle and a less bright one to the right. Sometimes the one on the right would cease to be visible and come back. All together, they made the geometric shape of a rhombus.”

The eyewitness added, “I’ve been living in the district for two years, and have never seen anything like that before.

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People have contradicted the video and called it fabricated, but a UFO expert from Russia – Vadim Chernobrov, has asserted that the mysterious flying objects are genuine.

Chernobrov said, “The lights cannot be explained as either an atmospheric or a cosmic image. The chance of it being some sort of mirage is also impossible due to the precise geometric form the objects have formed.”

On the other hand, people residing in Capilla del Monte (a small city in the province of Córdoba, Argentina), are positive that there are intelligent aliens from another planet living among them.

Residents of the town of 16,000 holds a yearly Alien Festival that draws tens of thousands of visitors. This year’s event kicked off Friday and runs through February 14, Valentine’s Day – for those who have an intense feeling of deep affection with extraterrestrials.