UFO Clouds Baffle Cape Town Citizens

UFO Clouds Baffle Cape Town Citizens
UFO clouds at Cape Town from beanibop

This is a week of UFO sightings.


Earlier this week, a story of a UFO sighting was reported when streaks of lights were seen across California to Arizona on Saturday night.

Pentagon, however, quickly dismissed the idea that a possible alien invasion could be underway, when the public affairs spokesman said that it was just a missile test flight. Huffingtonpost mentioned that it was conducted “at sea from the USS Kentucky” off the coast of Southern California.

There were posts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, showing the strange lights. Commander Ryan Perry, however, noted, those were not really aliens, and since such tests are highly classified, the public is not given any warning at all.

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In South Africa, thousands were baffled by the strange-looking clouds that formed over Cape Town on November 8.

One Instagram user claimed: “”Right now above my head! The strangest most amazing UFO shaped clouds.”

The photos show swirls of clouds that look like discs in the sky.

Derek Van Dam, a meteorologist, explained that again, these are not alien ships hiding behind clouds, but ‘stratocumulus standing’ clouds or Lenticular Clouds, as they are more commonly called in layman’s terms.

He explained that these clouds form when conditions are just right.” The air “flows along the surface of the earth and reaches some sort of obstruction like a mountain or valley. Probably in this case, Table Mountain, Signal Hill or even the Overberg Mountains upstream from Cape Town.

“The obstruction diverts the flow of the moving air which creates wind ‘eddies’. When this disrupted air flow has stable moist air within it, a series of large-scale standing waves can develop on the downwind side.

When the temperature eventally drops, the point allows for condensation, then these alien ship-looking clouds are formed. “Once the moist air flows back down into the back side of the wave, the cloud will evaporate and disappear.”


UFO’s over Cape Town 👽 #lenticularclouds #Capetown #ishootwithorms #tablemountain

A photo posted by Kyle Mijlof (@mijlof) on

UFO’s over Cape Town 👽 #lenticularclouds #Capetown #ishootwithorms #tablemountain A photo posted by Kyle Mijlof (@mijlof) on

UFO’s over Cape Town 👽 #lenticularclouds #Capetown #ishootwithorms #tablemountain

A photo posted by Kyle Mijlof (@mijlof) on