UFO Sightings 2016: Mysterious Flying Saucer Spotted Passing Over Colima Volcano

UFO Sightings 2016: Mysterious Flying Saucer Spotted Passing Over Colima Volcano
UFO Richard/ Flickr cc
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While the existence of Aliens is still doubted, news about UFO sightings are continuously making rounds.


Webcams de Mexico, a network of cameras, have spotted the dark UFO in the central American country, Express reported. Generally, cameras were placed near the volcanoes to watch out for eruptions, but one of the cameras have captured images of a flying saucer passing over the Colima Volcano.

However, some challenged the claim, stating that it was just an image of blurred bird in flight. This is just one of the UFO sightings in the American region. During December 1980, it was reported that a mysterious flying saucer crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947 — now famously known as Rendlesham case.

It was first found by three US officers based at RAF Bentwaters, near Mildenhall Suffolk. They reported that a “triangular shaped craft” hit the neighboring woods in the early hours of December 26, 1980.

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Recently, the Rendlesham case is making a lot of fuss in the United Kingdom. UFO disclosure campaigners have been fighting with the British government to declassify all the information regarding the UFO files. The government has kept the information as a top-notch secret ever since the incident happened.

After several protests, the British Ministry of Defence have agreed to declassify information regarding the UFO. Last year, 18 UFO-related files came to light. Freedom of Information Act requests have triggered the campaigners to protest for declassification of files, another Express report added.

Even presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and his camp have assured that upon making into White House, she would seek to declassify all the US UFO-related documents during one of her presidential campaigns.

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