UFC Rumors: Michael Bisping Ducking Georges St-Pierre?

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Michael Bisping is ready to take on all comers and the first one on the list is reportedly Dan Henderson. But how about a possible defense against Georges St-Pierre? Would that not be a more interesting matchup?


Right now it seems like Bisping and the St-Pierre groups are experiencing communication problems. St-Pierre’s boxing coach Freddie Roach alleges that they wanted a title shot, Bisping — or at least someone from his group — said turned down the proposal.

“Yeah, I do like that fight, but Bisping said no. I know that fight’s not going to happen,” said Roach.

Bisping claims miscommunication

For his part, Bisping clarified that it may all be a case of miscommunication. The fight was never offered to him so he was never in a position to accept or rebuke a proposed match.

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He adds that he holds high regard to Roach and believes that the famed boxing coach is not the type to spread lies. Hence, Bisping believes that it could all be a simple case of miscommunication, MMA Weekly reported.

“I like Freddie Roach. He must be misinformed,” claims Bisping. “He’s not the type to spread lies. I wasn’t even offered the fight.”

Dana White standing in between

If the claims of Bisping and Roach are true, there could be another element standing in the way. The best guess right now would be Dana White, who shot down the potential clash.

White bases his assumption on experience. He claims that he is aware of a fighter’s mentality and believes that St-Pierre’s desire to fight was not there. He adds by saying that UFC fans may never see “GSP” back in the ring. White ends his piece by saying that the only way that St-Pierre steps back into the ring is if wants to corner somebody.

Bisping won the UFC middleweight title last month via a win over Luke Rockhold. Henderson takes first crack at the title though official details of that card have yet to be announced.

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