Uber To Use Smartphones To Monitor Their Drivers

Uber To Use Smartphones To Monitor  Their Drivers
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Uber has announced today that it has been monitoring its drivers’ rides through a pilot program they have been running. The popular car renting service provider believes that this move can help assess which one of their drivers are being rated fairly and which ones may just be getting a bad rap.


In a blog post, Uber explained the program in detail stating that if a rating given is low they ask why. The driver could be unhappy about an unruly rider or the rider might be worried that the driver is going too fast. Either way, Uber said they need to check on what really happened. In short, this program is all about getting both sides of the story.

This recent move by Uber covers not only customer satisfaction as a goal, but allows the company to collect data in order to monitor how their drivers operate their vehicles in different areas, Tech Crunch reports. By doing so, the car renting company can identify the average speed that their drivers operate in a certain area.

It can then cross check drivers who are going a bit faster than normal and who has gotten some negative ratings. With this information in hand, the company can be better equipped to have an open dialog with their drivers and be more transparent when asking them to make some changes.

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The Guardian also reported that the company will monitor the driving, speed and distractedness of a driver on through their mobile phones using the device’s geolocation information, accelerometers and gyrometers. It’s similar to the system used by rental car companies but instead of an installed tracking equipment, Uber will be relying on drivers’ phones.

Uber is a recently getting popular car service provider where the riders can use an app to rent a car and fetch them where they are instead. This way makes it convenient for the users especially if they are in an area where it is hard to get transportation. It is also popular for those who want to avoid racing against the crowd on hailing a cab to ride.

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