Uber Systems Glitch Reportedly Causes Major Security Breach

Uber Systems Glitch Reportedly Causes Major Security Breach
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It is apparently not a good day to apply to become a driver for Uber. This is because if you are already in the ride-sharing company’s system, you might find yourself privy to some really personal information about other people who drive for Uber. And yes, these very drivers may also find themselves privy to your own personal files.


This seems to be what is happening in the world of Uber drivers right now, as learned by online site Gawker when one of the Uber drivers tipped them off. According to the report, signing up to become a driver for Uber is relatively easy. Not to mention fast. Around 16 minutes is all it takes to fill up forms to get started but then you are also asked to watch a welcome video that runs for 15 minutes. When these are all done, the Uber system will ask you a number of private documents such as license, insurance and registration as part of basic driver documentation. It is when you try to access these private files to try to add to or edit them that you will discover that your security may have been compromised.

Instead of seeing files you have previously uploaded, you are taken to a screen that shows a number of Uber drivers throughout the United States along with some of their very personal documents such as drivers license, commercial vehicle registration, insurance certificate, W-9 and even certificate of incorporation (if there is).

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Oddly enough, Uber has introduced the next generation Uber Partner App that comes with an Account feature, which allows drivers to easily manage their profile using the app.

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