Uber Raises Cybersecurity Issue By Calling ‘Mr. Robot’ Rami Malek To The Panel

Uber Raises Cybersecurity Issue By Calling ‘Mr. Robot’ Rami Malek To The Panel
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“Mr. Robot” is considered as one of the most intriguing thriller dramas of 2015. The matter of cybersecurity has been put in the forefront by the show. The companies are now more concerned and that may be the sole reason why Uber invited Rami Malek to teach cybersecurity to employees.


Malek, who plays Elliot Alderson on “Mr. Robot,” was present at a panel of Uber to speak about the topic. Joe Sullivan, Uber’s chief security officer, mentioned in his comment that the actor answered several question about playing a hacker in the television series. He also answered what should be done for better security.

Uber’s Chief Information Security Officer John “Four” Flynn and Charlie Miller were present in the panel with Malek. The interactive panel was an initiative of Uber as per of National Cyber Security Month. Uber has taken a lot of initiative to encourage cyber security and will be arranging more panels like this one.

Uber had reporter suffering a data breach which affected 50,000 drivers. Many of the users were charged with fraudulent rides which had an impact on the reputation of the company. The data hacking has been a matter of concern for the company since then. By calling the eminent star from “Mr. Robot,” the company wanted to increase the awareness.

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However, the “Mr. Robot” stars will be busy doing other things before season 2 hits. The cast and crew will be seen at the SXSW Interactive, Film and Music 2016.


  • Ellerbeezy

    The company that showed “VIPs” exact location on a projection screen is “concerned” about cybersecurity? That’s a good one.