Uber, New York City Gov’t Reach Agreement, Foregoing Proposed Ban Plan

Uber, New York City Gov’t Reach Agreement, Foregoing Proposed Ban Plan
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio mellowed down in its bout with Uber and came up with a mutual agreement on Wednesday, abandoning the earlier proposed plan of restricting the number of Uber taxis in the city.


In the previous days, Uber app company and de Blasio engaged in a heated argument, capping the international transportation network’s growth to one percent (approximately 200 additional drivers) for next year while the government conducts a study on the impact Uber and other related companies have on traffic congestion.

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Their feud sparked criticisms and support from different sectors, including allies and foes in the politics and civil activist groups. With the agreement, the city government will pursue its research for four months, but without putting a cap on Uber and other related companies. In exchange, Uber is required to provide New York City administrators with data the city has been seeking from the taxi app company, a report from New York Times say.

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Included in the city’s study is a comprehensive review of the whole car service industry, with an aim of raising revenues for mass transit as well as improvements for handicapped passengers, to mention a few, said Anthony E. Shorris, New York’s first deputy mayor as reported.

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Shorris also disclosed the agreement would foster the city government’s essential policy goals for the riding public, drivers and passengers. While de Blasio is still in Vatican and did not make any comment on the matter, Uber nevertheless welcomed the agreement and removed its ads, lambasting the mayor.

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Uber accused the mayor’s support for the city council bill banning Uber was influenced by his allegiance to taxi companies, which have played a vital role in de Blasio’s campaign. With Uber’s ad, the mayor was projected to be someone who destroys 10,000 jobs. But with the agreement, Uber said drivers have the liberty to join its company.