Uber All Set To Acquire A Part Of Microsoft Bing

Uber All Set To Acquire A Part Of Microsoft Bing
London anti-Uber taxi protest June 11 2014 057 Parliament DAVID HOLT/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Uber is reportedly acquiring some assets from Microsoft Bing, including 100 employees who are focused on image collection activities. According to a TechCrunch report, the company is absorbing data collection engineers from the tech giant in order to boost its own mapping network.


The collaboration or acquisition is confirmed by both the company, but details are still not known. The assets are not also disclosed by either company. The technology transfer from one company to another is a major change and can bring positive change to the business of Uber.

Engineers are the souls of any technical company and the biggest assets for any Silicon Valley company. Acquiring such an asset is a significant move for Uber and it gives a notion that the company is quite serious about its expansion. The Uber app that will get a boost has some add-ons.

Uber is a San Fransisco, California-based company operating in mobile apps and cab service. The service is currently available in 28 countries and 300 cities worldwide. The company has been evolving since its birth and the moves that the company is making in the recent past are quite significant.

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Acquiring 100 engineers is not quite easy. As TechCrunch mentioned, these engineers are those who worked in getting image data in Bing, providing 3D, aerial and street footage and more. So Uber may be adding such features soon.

Microsoft, on the other hand, was always vocal about calling Bing an asset for sale. The company mentioned that Bing is not for sale. Probably the company will retain the licensing rights and will just sell the image collection part.

Uber was previously rumored to buy Nokia’s Here Maps and has already acquired mapping software startup deCarta. Google Maps and Uber integration was previously seen in many countries but this time the company may be focusing on its own improved mapping technology.