Tyson Chandler Agrees To Suns’ $52 Million Offer For Four Years

Tyson Chandler Agrees To Suns’ $52 Million Offer For Four Years
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Veteran center Tyson Chandler has agreed to a four-year contract with the Phoenix Suns for $52 million, according to league sources.


The Suns have already committed their entire cap space to rope in Chandler, blocking the Dallas Mavericks’ advances to retain him. The Suns now can pair him up with guards Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe as the Suns’ new faces.

The Suns also confirmed a 5-year deal with Knight, but both Knight and Chandler couldn’t be signed officially until July 9, when a league-wide moratorium on roster business is lifted.

The Suns wasted no time to bring in Chandler into their previously scheduled recruitment meeting with Portland Trail Blazers free agent LaMarcus Aldridge, according to Yahoo Sports. The-32-year-old center can provide size, defense, rebounding and leadership in Suns’ roster.

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With Chandler moving out, the pressure mounts on the Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers battling to ensure the services of free agent DeAndre Jordan. the team that misses out on Jordan can no longer bank on Chandler.