‘Tyrant’ Season 3 Contract Ended By FX Channel

‘Tyrant’ Season 3 Contract Ended By FX Channel
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Speculations surrounding the third season of Tyrant was on even before the second season could end. The FX action drama was not able to generate much viewership though the content of the show was really good. While people were unsure about the fate of “Tyrant” season 3, it has now been confirmed that FX has ended the contract. However, that does not mean that the show will not be renewed. The show may be renewed just to be aired on a different network.


According to the latest news, Tyrant season 3 will continue production and it will be renewed on Netflix or Hulu. Majority of the fans are moving towards Hulu in order to get “Tyrant” season 3 as it arrives. However, there is no confirmed news from the show regarding the renewal.

According to Variety, the first season failed to provide as much as what was expected, but the number of viewers was high. The second season lost 1.52 million viewers. However, “Tyrant” lived on FX and generated around 1.18 million viewers. This made the show complete the 12 episodes that were shot. The total audience generated in the second season went up to 1.6 million.

The ending of the show kept the audience asking for more. The fans are still not sure if the story has ended or there is something more to be added. Season 1 of “Tyrant” started airing in June 2014. Though the ratings and viewer count were not too high, the show managed to get renewed for a second season. But this time, the future looks gloomy and unsure.

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  • Blablablablablablabla7

    Please let it be Netflix. Hulu charges monthly fees than has the nerve to have comercials! Having on Netflix would be promising though! Also a good fit for Home Box Office.

  • OneOfOne

    the show was terrible. I couldnt make it thru 3 episodes. you need a lobotomy to watch this show