‘Tyrant’ Season 2 Premieres On Fox UK In November; What About ‘Tyrant’ Season 3?

‘Tyrant’ Season 2 Premieres On Fox UK In November; What About ‘Tyrant’ Season 3?
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“Tyrant” season 3 may or may not find a network soon but “Tyrant” season 2 is going to be released in UK. Fox has confirmed that season 2 of the hit television drama will be on air from November 4 on Fox UK.


The story of “Tyrant” is based on the life of Bassam “Barry” Al Fayeed. He is the son of a dictator of a war-torn nation. He has broken his 20 years exile and returned to his homeland for his nephew’s wedding. He is accompanied by his American wife and children.

The return of Barry is not at peaceful as he finds cultural conflict hard to deal with. At the same time, he becomes involved in the political battle he was part of in his childhood. The agony and the drama start from that point and unfold at every turn of his life.

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The first season of “Tyrant” ended with Barry getting arrested in the charges of treason. Jamal has developed an alliance with China and he is aiming for the global power of Abbudin. “Tyrant” season 2 picks up from that point and goes on to explore the life of the brothers.

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Season 2 has 12 episodes and will be aired in the UK soon. The spoilers are readily available for the show as it has already completed its journey in the U.S. There are no proper news as to when “Tyrant” season 3 is due or if it has been renewed or not.