‘Tyrant’ Season 2 Finale Sparkled In Portion; Failed To Deliver Expectation

‘Tyrant’ Season 2 Finale Sparkled In Portion; Failed To Deliver Expectation
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‘Tyrant’ Season 2 Finale was less than what expected of it. Find out what happened. Spoilers alert.

The season 2 finale, “Pax Abuddin”, which was aired on September 1 on FX slipped back into the failures the primary season committed. It was the same thing that made season 1 disappointing, and season 2 suffered the same fate.

The series that turned its focus to Al-Fayeed brother Barry’s attempt to improve life in Abuddin made its mark in the earlier episodes with stilted dynamics of the central family. The unsettled nature of middle-east culture was provocatively and interestingly directed by Peter Weller and Ernest Dickerson. The parts were written by the creator of “Moonlighting,” Glenn Gordon Caron, in Season 2.


In the finale of the “Tyrant” Season 2, Leila was seen accompanying Colonel Mahmoud. Leila played by Moran Atias is one of the most ruthless characters of the show for sure. She went to meet the Arab League with Colonel where her testimony was sorted for against Jamal. What she wants in return? Immunity for herself and her son and an assurance that Ahmed has a hand in the new government of Abbudin.

The final flurry of the episode revealed that Barry was still alive as the international community turned the arrow on Jamal for gassing his own people. This had led Leila, Jamal’s wife asking immunity for herself and her son as shown in the finale.

As per Variety, “this season nevertheless represented a creative step forward, and its real-life parallels were at times sobering, in much the same way “Homeland” – another show under the stewardship of producer Howard Gordon – has frequently been. The writers also did a nice job building the seemingly hopeless romance between Barry and Daliyah”

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For people who are interested to know about the “Tyrant” season 3, there is a bad news. There is still no word if the show will be renewed for the next season.

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