Kylie Jenner So Ready To Live With Tyga, Even If She Buys Him A Home Herself?

Kylie Jenner So Ready To Live With Tyga, Even If She Buys Him A Home Herself?

Tyga wants to look for a home near Kylie Jenner’s mansion in Calabasas. Tyga and Kylie have been dating for quite some time now so it seems highly plausible that the two want to live together already or at least close to each other.


Kylie loves her home in Calabasas and she is happy at her own home all by herself. The rapper has been kicked out of his Hollywood Hill Mansion because of some rental payment issues, reports Mirror. Since then he has been living in Beverly hills but he is reportedly looking to buy his own property somewhere near Kylie’s home in Calabasas which is a 2.7 million dollar property.

According to E Online however, even though the two have been spotted house-hunting, they are not looking to buy one for the two of them to share. Kylie is only helping her beau out to pick some good property there. So sweet of her!

It seems though that they are aware that they are not ready to play house just yet. Moreover, while this move of Tyga to a newer home will help him to stay closer to Kylie, it will also help him stay closer to another important woman in Tyga’s life. Tyga’s mother happens to live in the same area.

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Radar Online, the ever malicious gossip site however, claimed that Kylie is not really just helping Tyga look for a house. She is actually the one paying for it because Tyga is broke and apparently, Kylie with her infamous last name and booming lip kit business, can easily help out.

Kylie is not even worried if their relationship eventually fails. “She said if they break up than she gets the house and that works for her. Kylie pays for almost everything they do now and she is sick of it, but he keeps buying her bling too, so she is okay with that,” the insider said.
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