Tyga Cheating On Kylie Jenner Again, Tried To Hide It But Failed

Tyga Cheating On Kylie Jenner Again, Tried To Hide It But Failed
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Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga had been accused of another cheating scandal with a 21-year-old Tiffani Kathleen Birdas. Reportedly, the cheating took place in Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday, April 13. Tyga was there for a gig when he allegedly became enamored with Birdas.


Words were up that the rapper became friends with Tiffani through social media prior to his arrival in Brisbane. As reported by Courier Mail, Tyga reached out to Birdas with his contact details and invited the Kardashian lookalike Tiffani backstage. The Australian woman claimed she was one of 10 women who got access to party with the rapper in his Sofitel hotel room.

The entourage of Tyga took precautionary measures to ensure the rapper’s rendezvous with Birdas will be kept a secret. However, Birdas herself cannot keep this a secret. She revealed that her phone was confiscated by Tyga’s security and the guests were instructed to sign a nondisclosure agreement before they can join the party.

Birdas, who has 15,500 followers on Instagram, even detailed her experience with Tyga. “It was like a dream. Tyga was lovely, he was really relaxed and chilled and really humble.” Birdas added that while they were having fun at the party,  Tyga didn’t mention Kylie nor anyone from the famous Kardashian family.

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Birdas also disclosed that before they went to the hotel, they went first to a club after Tyga’s gig. This has been confirmed by Sky and Lotus bar on Brunswick St, in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. An employee of the bar even shared that, “There were a lot of pretty girls fawning over them.”

However, these cheating allegations of Tyga are nothing new. The rapper has been rumored to be cheating on Kylie a couple of times already. It remains to be seen if Kylie will even bat an eyelash over this latest one.

Meanwhile, Radar Online reported that while Tyga was in Brisbane, Jenner also had a good time partying at Coachella 2016.

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