Two Koreas Exchange Fire; North Korea Military To Enter Wartime State

Two Koreas Exchange Fire; North Korea Military To Enter Wartime State
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South Korea caused artillery to rain on North Korea’s rocket-launching site on Thursday, breaking its “no aggression policy” in dealing with the north. No casualties were reported.


In a statement released by Defense Ministry that was quoted by the media, South Korea fired “dozens of rounds of 155mm shells.” North Korea fired two shells.

Local news said the South Korean government detected “the launch of the projectile,” which was aimed at South Korea’s “front-line military unit in Yeoncheon” before 4:00 p.m.

Tension between the two Koreas ensued despite their division and for many decades, South Korea said it followed “no aggression” in dealing with citizens from North crossing the border. The military units guarding the border were required to make “warning shots” against infiltrators.

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But the rules of engagement embraced by South Korea changed when on August 4, two South Koreans were maimed by a landmine believed to have been planted by North Korea. The allegation was denied by the North.

Since the landmine incident, South Korea resumed its propaganda broadcasts, which include leaflets carried by balloons. North Korea responded to such broadcasts with threats of “indiscriminate strikes” and turning South Korea into “a sea of fire,” news said.

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye warned its military the North will give more provocations and urged the troops to retort “sternly” when provoked.

“We need to maintain a strong military readiness to protect our people’s lives and their properties from North Korea’s provocations,” Mrs. Park was quoted by the Telegraph.

‘Wartime state’

Meanwhile, North Korean Strongman Kim Jong-un commanded the front-line military troops to “enter a wartime state” following the exchange of fire with neighbor South Korea.

KCNA, a state-run media, as reported by CNN said the strongman presided an emergency meeting with North Central Military Commission and issued the order of going into a “wartime state to be fully battle ready to launch surprise operations.” But no details were disclosed regarding the said operations.

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