Two And A Half Men: Jon Cryer Compares Donald Trump To Charlie Sheen

Two And A Half Men: Jon Cryer Compares Donald Trump To Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen @ DAR in Washington DC Matthew Straubmuller / Flickr CC BY 2.0

During the time American actor and film producer Jon Cryer made an appearance on American talk show“The Real,” he talked a bit about politics as he drew comparisons between presidential hopeful Donald Trump and his former co-star Charlie Sheen. According to him, Charlie and Donald both “say whatever foolishness” they think of!


Us Magazine claimed that “The Pretty in Pink” actor stated, “What’s funny is I’ve been to all kinds of fundraisers: I’ve been to Barack Obama fundraisers … but you go to one Republican one and boom! You’re republican forever. I actually don’t like to get into politics too much for the reason that who cares what the actor from Two and a Half Men thinks about politics?”

Then, Cryer concluded that, “there was an interesting overlap between … Charlie and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.”

However, the actor also said that’s closely connected, for the reason that he experienced collaborating with a person who have the guts to say whatever comes to the top of his head, and people will find it amazing. And if that person said horrible things, individuals listening to him will have an intense feeling of deep affection.

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That being said, as Perez Hilton reported, Jon gave an emphasis that people should not cast their vote on a president based on entertainment value.

Further down the discussion on the talk show, Cryer elaborated that if people will pick Trump as the next president of the United States, the nation’s situation will be the same as Sheen’s meltdown. But the actor predicted it might be more disastrous, with global consequences.

Cryer stated, “Because I saw a person spectacularly flame out and ruin everything that was good in their lives by doing that.

“And I don’t want somebody else to ruin everybody else’s lives by coming to power that way.”

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