Twitter Shutdown 2017: Closure Due To Cyber Bullying?

Twitter Shutdown 2017: Closure Due To Cyber Bullying?
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Early this week, an unfounded yet intriguing rumor of a Twitter shutdown has spread like wildfire, saying the popular micro-blogging site would stop operations by 2017 due to increasing cases of bullying.


The social media and thousands of netizens all over the world went abuzz upon learning the rumor. It was later found that the rumor was nothing but false. Neither Twitter nor high-ranking officers have stepped out to confirm or debunk it.

Twitter Shutdown 2017

According to gossip site Snopes, reports of a Twitter shutdown has no truth. Along with the rumor, a hashtag #SaveTwitter, which was first used by user BradTheLadLong, circulated and was re-tweeted several times since Tuesday.

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Many users and social media people attributed the rumor to the same person who was blamed for starting the unfounded rumor. To make the rumor slightly convincing, several tweets about the glitches on Twitter also coincide with the rumor.

“I apologise to those who love Twitter but the abuse I got on here was disgusting and that is why action needed to be taken #SaveTwitter,” BradTheLadLong tweeted to his roughly 10,000 followers Thursday.

Twitter Hoaxes

Although it was difficult to ascertain who started the hoax, the same person through his YouTube account issued a statement after receiving hate messages on his channel. He admitted that he himself was on the receiving end of online bullying for allegedly starting the Twitter shutdown rumor.

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Soon enough, many have taken advantage of the rumor as soon as it circulated. A one-paragraph text with an image has been circulating all over the internet that seems to support the veracity of the rumor at first.

“Twitter users have been tweeting #SaveTwitter in their thousands this evening after a source revealed that the popular social media site would be closing down early 2017,” an excerpt of the text reads.

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