Twitter Goes Through a Massive Redesign

Twitter Goes Through a Massive Redesign
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TwitterLayout1 Twitter Goes Through a Massive RedesignTwitter is one of the most famous social networks and it is famous for its “text-based vertical stream” which makes it easier to stream on any network and Twitter users find it as a friendly interface. But apparently Twitter is planning to give up on its conventional theme and rather focus on photos like Facebook, Tumblr and Google+.


Twitter has been redesigning and testing new UIs for a while just to grab attentions from internet traffic. Twitter has planned on-to massive redesign of twitter web-interface by just quitting its conventional text focused theme. Twitter’s user growth chart is showing minimal growth as compared to figures it was showing in last couple of years, so corporates thought about quitting text-based social network and just switch focus to the content cards. User’s attention could be grabbed by the fact that they can follow celebrities as well as they can view celebrity profiles just like they are using Facebook and Google+. Design focused on photos and content cards seems to work for Twitter in grabbing attention from internet traffic. But in the meanwhile it puts Twitter’s traffic (users who are already on Twitter) on risk as Twitter is loved for its brief design filled only with the content you desire. (I’m quite sure that Twitter would have made some policy for that too) But right now, Twitter is focusing more on the numbers new design is going to add in its user statistics.

Twitter has just updated its design for few random user just to get reviews by tweets (Twitter term used for Twitter users) so they can finally decide whether to go for new theme or not.

Mashable’s team member (Matt Petronzio) being one of the lucky guys, got a grasp on the new design. Have a look on new design.

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Twitter’s new design comprises of a large profile picture display on left top, popping on the top of a large 1500 pixels cover photos just like Facebook profile. Moving down you will see tabs, mentioning number of tweets, followings, followers and favorites.  When you have a look at timeline, photos will be displaying like a large content cards rather than previous themes which use to show links only. Theme looks brain soothing and eye candy. Twitter hasn’t said a word about the expected final date for the upgrade of theme for everyone.