Twitter And Stripe Collaborate To Boost Mobile Purchases; e-Commerce Companies To Sell With Buy Button

Twitter And Stripe Collaborate To Boost Mobile Purchases; e-Commerce Companies To Sell With Buy Button
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With Twitter and Stripe making mobile transactions easy, will e-commerce sites finally be able to convert mobile traffic into sales? Read on to know more about the ‘Buy Button’ introduced by Twitter.

Research shows that internet gets more than half of the traffic from mobile, not desktops. The study has also confirmed that e-commerce portals get almost 90 percent traffic from mobile devices. Having said that, the study has also noticed that smartphones fail to convert this traffic into buyers. What can be the reason behind this? Paying through mobile phones is quite complicated compared to desktops. Internet surfing on smartphones is most of the times done while traveling. This is the time when you do not want to follow one extra step to complete things – may it be something as trivial as filling a survey form or as important as making an online payment.


Twitter and Stripe have come up with a solution for this. The micro-blogging site has adopted Relay, Stripe’s new product that will allow Twitter users to buy the product by entering shipping details and payment information right on the site. Yes, you read that right! Users will not be directed to other platforms.

At a launch event in San Francisco, Nathan Hubbard, Twitter’s head of commerce, said, “Almost two-thirds of our users say they bought something specifically because of what they saw on Twitter. As mobile and social (media) continue to grow, consumers are going to discover and transact right in the apps where they spend their time every day.”

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As Twitter gets old, it starts experiencing setbacks. The number of site registrations is not growing at the speed the site expects. To make the service more profitable and bring more users to the platform, Twitter decided to launch this new buy button in association with Stripe.

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Smartphones and the Internet go hand-in-hand. This device has not yet replaced desktops completely just because mobiles still cannot work as efficiently as computers do. By bringing the buy button to tweets, Twitter has definitely taken one step towards bridging the gap between these two devices. Others will start following the trend, making mobile transactions easy, as well as common.

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