TV This Week: Updates On ‘The Fosters,’ ‘Girl Meets World’ And More

TV This Week: Updates On ‘The Fosters,’ ‘Girl Meets World’ And More
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What's This?

TV this week did not only answer a lot of questions about popular shows; it also made people question certain things shown on TV. The shows include “Girls Meets World,” “The Fosters,” “Graceland” and “Zoo.”


“Girl Meets World”

This week, Girl Meets World has shown Eric and Jack getting reunited in a corporate meeting. The weird part is that they did not know they are meeting each other. Though the plot is designed to make the whole thing dramatic, isn’t it weird that the senator does not ask the name of his business associate?

NBC’s Today

As far as this show is concerned, one of the most moving things happened this week. Kathie Lee Gifford returned following the death of her husband Frank.

“The Fosters”

Jesus Adams Foster has got a new face in the show. Noah Centineo, the new boy in the role, is much taller than Jake T. Austin. This may look ridiculous in some places.

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Cross promotion of “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Empire”

In the cross promotion of the two shows, the remaining dancers of “Think You Can Dance” made sure to dance on the tune of “Empire,” which seemed totally not required. There is one more question that comes up. None of the contestants in the past 12 seasons admitted straight up that they are homosexual. On the other hand, several kids in the “What you need to know about me” packages this season have declared their homosexuality.

“Beauty and the Beast”

In this episode, Heather is becoming an encyclopedic  history buff. Is it a way to involve her?


Mike holding his job in the real world seems unrealistic now. Paige looks absolutely stunning in the white dress – or shall we say, bathrobe?


The animal attack and all is part of the TV show “Zoo.” This time, we saw rat queen ordering her minions to attack.

The week on TV was interesting, creepy, dramatic and encouraging at places. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the popular shows right here.

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