Turkish Military Coup Failed: Staged By Erdogan Himself – Reports

Turkish Military Coup Failed: Staged By Erdogan Himself – Reports
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan AMISOM Public Information / Flickr CC

Confusion in Turkey as the Turkish military coup to overthrow president Recep Tayyip Erdogan unfolded in the dead of night. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the coup has failed and the Turkish president is now back in power. The people, however, are saying that the president staged the Turkey military coup himself.


The coup began with parts of the military mobilized and took over key government and media infrastructure. The state television was taken over and a declaration of martial law soon followed. Sporadic skirmishes followed leaving 17 police officers dead and several civilian wounded. A helicopter used by the plotters was also shot down by Turkish jet fighters.

Explosions were also reported in the capital Ankara and Istanbul. As of the moment, a no-fly zone has been declared in the capital.

As the reality of a coup happening in the country, people started flooding the streets in support of the government, in support of the coup plotters, or just to see what was going on. One key figure for the successful coup, President Erdogan, however, was away on vacation.

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Taking him into custody would have left the government leaderless and open to a military takeover. Reports suggest that the coup has already lost steam and that loyalist forces are already in control.

According to The Telegraph, President Erdogan is already on his way back to the capital. This is amid reports of gunfire reported in Ankara with government officials hiding in shelters in parliament.

The Turkey Military Coup Has Failed

Several key points are being thrown at the table as to the reason why the coup erupted and failed. Firstly, the military did not have the full support of the populace, unlike previous coups, the military acted on its own leaving the people confused as to what was going on.

Second the failure to capture Erdogan left him still in control of the government. From his location, he rallied his supporters to get out to the streets and protest against the coup.

There is yet to be an official announcement from the Turkish government regarding the status of the Turkish Military coup. With the current state of confusion in the country, speculations regarding the crisis as well as eyewitness videos are the closest people can get to the truth.

For Dani Rodrik, a Turkish economist and international development expert at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the Turkey military coup is bound to fail upon the get go.

Speaking with Vox, he said that the plot was obviously poorly planned. Hence, people in Turkey seemed to be thinking alike at this point – the Turkey military coup must have been staged by their president himself.

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For one, Rodrik described the coup as “very puzzling.” As to why most TV channels were still left operating while the coup unfolded was something amiss. Another point he highlighted was that there was no single hint that there was an attempt to take Erdogan in.

“Hence the widespread theory in Turkey that this was a coup staged by Erdogan himself, designed to pave the way for an Erdogan dictatorship,” Rodrik told Vox in an exclusive interview.

Rodrik also emphasized that if this is true, it is contradicting what Erdogan had been doing in the months that led up to the Turkey military coup. He had been mending ties with Russia and Israel to strengthen Turkey’s economy.

Nevertheless, Rodrik cannot pinpoint exactly what could be the reason that provoked the military havoc. Asked by Vox if its pressure from refugees, missteps of the current government or economic unrest, Rodrik said “none of the above.”

“Whatever the reason and the actors involved, it was some kind of internal power struggle relating to none of those things.

He also said that the Turkey military coup was something unpredictable.

Erdogan has taken the country deeper into authoritarianism and aggravated ethnic and religious cleavages. I would have speculated even about a civil war – given tensions with the Kurds. But a military coup? That was totally unpredictable. At least I thought so.”

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