Tuesday North Primaries: Trump Wins 5 States, Clinton Only 4

Tuesday North Primaries: Trump Wins 5 States, Clinton Only 4

During the Tuesday North Primaries, controversial GOP frontrunner Donald Trump once again emerges in the lead with wins in all states. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both emerge with wins and leads.



Trump won Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Clinton won Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

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Bernie Sanders won Rhode Island.

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Trump has gone on to win all Republican primaries on Tuesday. In Delaware, he has been declared the winner with 61.1 percent of votes or 41,762. John Kasich trails significantly behind with 13,675 votes or 20 percent. On other hand, Ted Cruz only got 15.9 percent of votes or 10,862. Meanwhile, Trump has managed to secure all 16 delegates up for grabs.

According to polling numbers from Associated Press, the same result seems to be happening in Pennsylvania. With 30 percent of the results reported, Trump is already a clear winner with 58.9 percent of the votes or 152,765. At the same time, he also managed to secure all 17 delegates available in the said state.

In Rhode Island, Trump has, so far, managed to secure 7 of the 19 delegates available while Kasich and Cruz have none at the moment. Trump has also been declared winner as he managed to get 64.5 percent of votes or 28,504. Here, Kasich and Cruz are trailing behind significantly, too.

With 49 percent reporting in Connecticut, Trump has been declared winner with 59.7 percent of the votes or 70,355. Here, Kasich has only, so far, managed to get 26.5 percent of the votes, while Cruz stays last with 11.6 percent. At the same time, Trump has secured 16 of the 28 delegates available in the state.

Even with only 11 percent reporting in Maryland, Trump has already emerged the winner. He secured 54 percent of the votes or 65.691. At the same time, he has also managed to secure 26 or the 38 delegates available here. At the moment, Trump leads in the delegate results with 927. Cruz, so far, only has 559 and Kasich, 148.

In the Democratic side, Clinton has taken Delaware with 99 percent of the results reported. She secured 59.8 percent of the votes or 55,128 while rival Sanders only got 39.1 percent or 36,083. Here, Clinton managed to secure six of the 21 delegates available, while Sanders only got four.

Clinton also emerged the clear winner in Pennsylvania, even with only 36 percent reporting. The former secretary of state pulled ahead of Sanders with 56.9 percent of votes and 90 of the 189 delegates available. Sanders also managed to secure 45 delegates here.

At the same time, Clinton managed to take an early victory in Maryland with only 18 percent reporting. So far, she has 66.7 percent of votes and 46 of the 95 delegates available. Sanders, meanwhile, managed to secure 17 delegates here.

On the other hand, Rhode went to Sanders, having received 55.5 percent of the votes and 13 of the 24 delegates available. Meanwhile, Clinton secured eight delegates here. And as far as Connecticut is concerned, Sanders is, so far, in the lead with 52 percent of the results reporting. Sanders currently has 49.8 percent of the votes, compared to Clinton’s 48.3 percent. The race here remains tight.

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