True Detective Season 2 Premiere Fails To Give Hope

True Detective Season 2 Premiere Fails To Give Hope
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“True Detective” season 2 has finally premiered on June 20, and after so much rumors, social media posts and updates, the first episode has become the talk of the town.


The season 2 opener came with a lot of surprises, but none seem to be overwhelming. The story is set in an imaginary California City. The surreal landscape of the city could not appeal to the audience much. Vinci is called as the “the most corrupt district in LA County,” and it is an industrial wasteland “built on a co-dependency of interests.”

The plot is as confusing as the storytelling. There are several loose ends that could be noted after the premiere episode. Sexual fetishism, corruption, a corpse and more summarize the whole episode.

The basic story is about a former mobster, Frank Semyon, who turned into a Casino owner. The role is played by Vince Vaughn. Frank is looking forward to take his legacy further by investing in the development of high speed rail in California. The man whom he entrusted with the responsibility has gone missing.

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Here comes Detective Ray Velcoro, played by Colin Farrell, of Vince police department. Ray plays the police officer with a nihilistic world-view due to his past experiences and tragedies. Ray eventually ends up working with California Highway Patrol officer Paul Woodrugh played by Taylor Kitsch and Detective Antigone “Ani” Bezzerides played by Rachel McAdams.

Each character has his or her own background not compelling enough, but it is sure that the latter two have other motivations in life which may come in the way of solving the case.

HBO’s “True Detective” season 2 is much different from what was there in season 1. The first season was actually quite addictive, and the creative moves Cary Fukunaga made the episodes even more dramatic. The soul of the series was the relationship between Rust and Marty, and their dance sequence won hearts.

The acceptance of the new season will not only depend on how the show progresses but will also depend on how the audience react to it. Coming out of the spell that “True Detective” season 1 and accepting the not too focused season 2 can be a challenge.