Trollface Meme Creator On Money-making Mode

Trollface Meme Creator On Money-making Mode
Image from Flickr by addianto
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trollface addianto Trollface Meme Creator On Money making Mode
Image from Flickr by addianto

Carlos Ramirez, aged 24, the original Trollface meme creator, has been on a money-making mode ever since his creation became a smash hit on the Internet. According to him, it was just another fun illustration he created on 4chan back in 2008. It became popular overnight, and history was created.


According to Kotaku, Ramirez was initially not serious about the Trollface Meme, which was made to criticize trolling in its poorest form. However, the response he got overnight was amazing as numerous people shared his creation to others.

Ramirez’s mother was his inspiration for making a claim over his creation. He was not sure if it was worth telling his parents about the Internet sensation he had created, but he finally did.

He applied for a copyright claim in August 2010 and was given so by authorities. Since then, he has made over $100,000 for all the licensing fees he got, settlement amounts and other payment related to the Trollface.

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Meme Run, an eShop game on the Wii U, was currently in the news due to licensing issues of the meme. The game was available on the Nintendo console, and developer Ninja Pig Studios priced it at $4.99 in the eShop. The game has been pulled down in response to a complaint made by Ramirez, who does not want to leave his cut on the profit.

The issue with Meme Run is not yet settled, yet but the young guy is looking forward to earn some money from the provider.


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    That’s pretty clever & reasonable.