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Travel Guide: Top Haunted Places For Halloween Destinations

Travel Guide: Top Haunted Places For Halloween Destinations
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Travel Guide: Top Haunted Places For Halloween Destinations

Halloween is just around the corner and this means we are up for a spooky season again.

Want to try something new aside from doing “Trick or Treat” within the neighborhood? We listed down top haunted places you can visit for a frightening and one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you with goosebumps!

Terror on the Fox 2016

Terror on the Fox, a spooky attraction in Wisconsin, has been around for the past 20 years. Terror on the Fox is established in collaboration between Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, The Green Bay Preble Optimists and The National Railroad Museum.

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For this year, Terror on the Fox is featuring new attractions which include fresh blood banks of the Fox River plus scary sightings of clowns and catacombs. It also features attractions like Laughterhouse and The Deadman.

Check this link for ticket prices and the schedule.

Brighton Asylum

In 1940s, the Brighton Asylum was home to mentally unstable and psychologically damaged individuals until it closed in 1952. According to its website, the decision to close the industrial complex was due to staff disappearances, gross medical experiments, harsh living conditions of the patients, and the nearby residential areas’ claims of hearing screams during the night.

The website added that the Brighton Asylum’s doctors and medical staff were drove to insanity after trying to get into the minds of their patients. Some were recorded to have been “clawing their own skin off, pulling their teeth out, cutting their eyelids off, and performing surgeries on themselves and each other.”

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Today, 59 years after its closure, Brighton Asylum opened its doors as a haunted attraction with thousands of visitors entering its vicinity in search for a creepy adventure. Brighton Asylum remains open until the last ticketed guest completes all purchased attractions.

Get your tickets on this link.

For the time slot, you can check the schedule.

Statesville Haunted Prison

A frightening experience awaits you in the Statesville Haunted Prison. The haunted attractions features prisoners who have rioted and visitors will have to surpass 23 maximum security cells and get close to over 100 criminals that “were too evil to die.” After this, visitors will be faced with another challenge in the City of the Dead which has caves and mine shafts. In there, Statesville’s past inmates were buried but the Gatekeeper rose from the dead, as zombies followed him. Escape the City of the Dead before you become one of them!

Get your tickets and see the schedule on their website.

Pennhurst Asylum

This hospital-themed walk is part of the Pennhurst Haunted attraction which showcases artifacts from the original State School in 1908. It has high tech animatronics, actors, and new props. Aside from the Asylum, there are also other attractions such as The Dungeon of Lost Souls, with features a labyrinth  of old cells and failed human experiments.

You can also visit the Tunnel Terror which will take you through a 900 foot gauntlet and was first named as Pennhurst Home for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic. Lastly, the Pennhurst Asylum also offers ghost hunting within the Mayflower Building, a dormitory which was said to have spirits lurking from 26 years ago.

Visit their site for the tickets and schedule.

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Terror Behind the Walls

In Philadelphia, Terror Behind the Walls features the haunted prison house located in Eastern State Penitentiary. It has high class special effect, animatronic creatures, props, and digital and lighting effects to make their attractions close to being real.

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It main attraction is the Machine Shop which guarantees “industrial nightmares” and “unique one-on-one experiences” while led into cellblocks.

Newly opened attraction called Break Out, the Lock Down—a riot in Cellblock 12 also promised a feature of prison medical treatment and the harrowing sights of the Quarantine that is perfect for the Halloween.

For tickets and schedule, check this link.

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