‘Transformers 5′ Movie Release Date, Plot, Rumors: Mini-Dinobots Coming, Churchill’s Home Used As Hitler’s Base?

‘Transformers 5′ Movie Release Date, Plot, Rumors: Mini-Dinobots Coming, Churchill’s Home Used As Hitler’s Base?
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The most recent rumors have hinted that Transformers 5 will mark the return of the Dinobots for a much bigger role, while the film series’ production team is now facing a controversy.


Two years after the release of its fourth installment, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” the well-loved characters are about to make their fans even more excited.

Would they be the highlight of the highly-anticipated new installment? What could this possibly mean to the sci-fi action film’s plot?

In “Transformers 4,” the Dinobots were finally introduced on the big screen, and as stars in several marketing campaigns, they have gained a handful of fans.

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Could this be the ultimate reason why they are making a comeback in Transformers 5?

According to Screen Rant, the marketability of the Dinobots is undeniable and this might have influenced the production team’s decision to include them in the next movie.

Meanwhile, in a video Q & A with fans on Facebook, Mark Wahlberg, disclosed that the Dinobots will have new companions in the fifth installment, something that might bring delight to its avid followers.

“[Transformers: The Last Knight] is a cool new story, it’s kind of like a man on the run,” he suggested about the plot of Transformers 5.

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“Sir Anthony Hopkins is also in the film. We got a cool new cast, cool new robots, cool new villains and some cool new Dinobots,” he added. “I think you guys are really going to go crazy for the Mini-Dinobots.”

On the other hand, BBC reported that Michael Bay already responded to the controversy involving their alleged use of Sir Winston Churchill’s home as the Nazis’ base.

“People have not been fortunate enough to read the script and they don’t know that Churchill in this movie is a big hero,” the director, who is also among the producers, pointed out. “Churchill would be smiling. When you see the movie you’ll understand.”

Several snaps of filming showed Nazi flags draped across the Blenheim Palace.

Transformers 5, which is also known as “Transformers: The Last Knight” is expected to premiere in the US by June 23, 2017.

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