Transformers 5 Cast and Characters: ‘Squeeks’ Confirmed as the New Autobot in ‘The Last Knight’ Movie?

Transformers 5 Cast and Characters: ‘Squeeks’ Confirmed as the New Autobot in ‘The Last Knight’ Movie?
Transformers 5 Sudhamshu Hebbar / Flickr cc
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The newest addition to the Transformers 5 cast and characters was revealed — Squeeks, a cute-looking robot that happens to be either a moped or a scooter.


While the human cast of the film have been well discussed by now, Squeeks is the first robot cast of the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight that was unveiled by director Michael Bay on Facebook.

Squeeks can be seen posing with Bay and Isabella Moner, one of the lead casts of the film. From the background, it can be deduced that Moner will be the one to discover Squeeks, who is half covered in rust, from among the other junk cars that form the environment of the photograph.

According to Cinema Blend, it can be assumed that Squeeks will be an adorable addition to the film that would serve the purpose of a pleasant comic relief. However, it is not immediately clear who will be lending the voice for Squeeks.

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Of the Transformers 5 cast and characters, Moner will be playing the role of an orphaned teenager raised in foster care, the Movie News Guide reported. She is also one of the lead characters in the movie. It appears that Moner and Squeeks will form a cute bonding in the movie. But finding out what Squeeks has been doing in the car junkyard for so long without being discovered would be interesting.

Furthermore, compared to the colossal Autobots and Decepticons in the action-packed movie, Squeeks is a smaller robot. According to official description from TF5, Squeeks is a Cybertronian. In fact, Squeeks will be the only friend of Moner’s character until she meets Cade Yeager, the inventor of Wahlberg.

If criticisms of Squeeks are to be taken into account, he looks somewhat like Disney’s Wall-E or BB-8 of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Transformers: The Last Knight will hit theaters on June 23, 2017.

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