What Happened To Track Palin Sarah Palin’s Son Who Got Arrested, Police Details Here

What Happened To Track Palin Sarah Palin’s Son Who Got Arrested, Police Details Here
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26 years old, Track Palin, was arrested on Monday after committing domestic violence against his girlfriend. According to the AP report, Palin’s girlfriend was punched in the face.


In the police report filed, the younger Palin was said to have assaulted his girlfriend, and threatened to shoot himself with an AR-15 assault rifle.

The court documents show that Palin’s girlfriend has “swelling around her left eye,” bruises and “her right knee hurt after Pakin kicked her there.”

There were two phone calls received by the Wasilla police that night, according to KTVA CBS 11 News. The first call was from a woman who reported she was punched in the face by a male companion and that there was a firearm involved in the incident. The second call, according to the affidavit was from Track Palin himself, saying the woman who earlier called was drunk.

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The respondents immediately went to the house owned by former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd Palin. Track was described as “uncooperative, belligerent, and evasive” during the arrest. He also had an injury around his eye, according to the officer who reported.

What angered Track, according to his statement, is that his girlfriend, was in contact with her ex boyfriend. This angered Track Palin and led to the violent incident.

The affidavit contained more details on the arrest. During the entire incident, Track Palin’s girlfrien said she attempted to call 911 several times and tried to contact Palin’s sister for help.

This incident occured in the same week Track’s mother endorsed Donald Trump for presidency.

Track Palin became a household name when he became a frontliner in the Presidential campaign as he enlisted in the Army following the 9/11 attacks.

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