Toyota Formally Introduces 2015 Camry Version for Nascar Sprint Cup

Toyota Formally Introduces 2015 Camry Version for Nascar Sprint Cup
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toyota Toyota Formally Introduces 2015 Camry Version for Nascar Sprint CupToyota has formally unveiled a specially remodeled version of Camry that it will specifically race in the coming Nascar Sprint Cup season. During the launch at the Charlotte Motor Speedway last weekend, the car maker said the new vehicle was a redesigned pace car for the tournament.


Interestingly, the new Toyota Camry version for racing is an output of a redesign project. During its development, the company had two primary goals in mind. First, it aimed to create a vehicle that comes with an identity that is more distinctive. Second, it wanted to correlate the race vehicle’s appearance with the 2015 Camry model that was unveiled early this year.

Apparently, this is not the first time that a car manufacturer has developed and unveiled race cars that resemble their counterpart showroom vehicles. In 2013, Toyota itself, along with Ford and Chevrolet introduced their race cars that were remodeled versions of street car models.

Bold design

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The Nascar version of the 2015 Toyota Camry features bold changes in design. First, it has an aggressive front end that is complemented with a matching grill area. This makes it look more like the production counterpart. The racing car also has sleek hood and nose. The tail is also noteworthy. There is even a noticeable change in the appearance of the quarter windows that adds to its sleeker look.

In a statement, Toyota said the 2015 Camry race car model has benefited from the cosmetic standpoint of the production Camry. It reiterated that the front end and aggressive look makes it an ideal model for a race car.

Hard work in development

Moreover, the company revealed that it put hard work to redesign and produce the 2015 Camry race car particularly for the upcoming competition. Toyota disclosed that it was a challenge finding balance between performance and design.

The race car model as produced with the help of Calty Design, which is part of the company’s global network designing team. It also cited Nascar and its race team partners for the successful development of this race car. The 2015 Toyota Camry for Nascar Sprint Cup would be tested by Toyota race drivers this year prior to the testing ban that would take effect on January 1, 2015.