Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Brings End Of The World? Time, Date, Schedule & Everything To Know

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Brings End Of The World? Time, Date, Schedule & Everything To Know
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Different cultures view a total solar eclipse differently, but whether this rare astronomical occurrence does come with apocalyptic omen is beyond science.


Solar Eclipse 2017

What’s so special about a total solar eclipse that will happen in August 21 2017 is that it is expected to sweep the whole country, and the last time the same phenomenon happened was in 1918.

NASA has already set up a dedicated page for relevant information on the upcoming total solar eclipse. According to official updates from NASA, the eclipse will cross the United States from the state of Oregon, between Lincoln City and Newport.

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After three hours, the eclipse will exit in South Carolina between Georgetown and Charleston. Since the time for the eclipse, whether partial or total, varies, NASA prepared an interactive map so users can see the time of eclipse based on their location in the world.

Apart from the U.S., people from most parts of North American and parts of Latin America can also witness this rare celestial phenomenon. The longest time the moon will block the sun will be around 40 seconds.

End Of The World Prophecies?

Because this celestial phenomenon occurs so rarely, many hardcore Christian conspiracy theorists have claimed that the end of the world is about to come in 2017, the Daily Star reported.

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While most parts of North America can expect a total solar eclipse, the majority of Europe can only experience a partial solar eclipse. But according to Christian doomsayers UNSEALED, their “calculations” of the apocalypse coincides with the eclipse.

According to the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), this extremely rare occurrence has nothing to do with end of the world prophecies. In fact, the same event has already occurred roughly a century ago.

NASA has emphasized that there is no hard evidence that proves these theories. Instead, the aeronautics bureau urges the public to enjoy this celestial wonder.

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