Tornado Watch: Tornado Killed At Least 11 People In Dallas Over The Christmas Weekend

Tornado Watch: Tornado Killed At Least 11 People In Dallas Over The Christmas Weekend
Dallas Tornado from BaseHunters
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A tornado, with a strength uncommon in the Dallas area killed at least 11 people over the weekend.


In a Reuters report, Matt Bishop, meteorologist at the National Weather Service said that a tornado with a strength of 200 miles per hour, or 322 kilometers per hour, is rare “in a metropolitan area.” And that’s exactly what hit the Dallas metropolitan area, the country’s fourth most populated area with over 7 million residents.

Fox News notes that the search and rescue is still being done. Dr. Cruz Hernandez, spokesman for Roulette police remarked, “As of right now, we are still in the search and rescue mode. We still have some homes that have been demolished and not everyone in the homes has been accounted for.”

The twisters were accompanied by wind, torrential rain and hail. 8 were dead in Garland, 1 in Copeville and 1 in Blue Ridge, according to Fox News.

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There was a “total devastation”of the areas, according to Garland Police Lt. Pedro Barineau. The weather service bureau said that that tornado in Garland was an EF-4, second on the damage scale used by meteorologists.

In Illinois, the tornadoes that came in days before Christmas were followed by heavy flooding in the the area, where two children and two adults were drowned in the floodwaters, Reuters further reported.

The said tornadoes also took 18 lives with 10 in Mississippi.

Tornadoes are most likely to occur during spring and summer, but not during winter season.

Watch the video of the tornado below: