Tornado Occurrences Experienced In Plains, Flash Flood Warnings Issued

Tornado Occurrences Experienced In Plains, Flash Flood Warnings Issued
Storm Chasing with The Weather Channel’s Tornado Hunt Team Anthony Quintano / Flickr CC BY 2.0

On Sunday, flash flood warnings were issued after a storm system covering Texas to Minnesota resulted in at least 29 damaging tornadoes that lasted overnight and caused baseball-sized hail, NBC News reported.


Thousands of people experienced power outage because of the severe weather. No deaths or injuries were reported.

The storm was progressing eastward, according to forecasters. The radar showed that Iowa, Missouri and a large part of Texas was to be affected by storms. The Weather Channel reported that 27 tornadoes were part of a severe weather system that covered the Plains. The remaining two, in Louisiana and Wyoming, were not related.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Tom Kines told USA Today, “The severe weather threat is moving farther north.

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“The primary threat will be wind and hail in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, probably down into Arkansas late Sunday. And I’m sure there will be tornadoes.”

The series of tornadoes struck the region a week after several others had ripped through Tornado Alley, resulting in the deaths of five people in Arkansas and Texas.

“Multiple swift-water rescues” took place in Johnson County, Texas, south of Dallas-Fort Worth. Some of these rescues occurred with the assistance of the National Guard.

According to NBC, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has experienced almost 21 inches (six inches above average) of rain this year.

On Sunday, Johnson County officials responded to 14 high water calls in North Texas, which caused flash flood warnings to come into effect.

Jamie Moore, the director of Johnson County Emergency Management, said that 10 people and five dogs were rescued in the operation.

As of April 26, the county had been under a disaster declaration.

On Sunday, county emergency management department posted a tweet, saying, “Crews have responded to 10 water rescues, three are on going to include one down in Rio Vista.”

Another tweet posted hours later said, “The last rescue was complete by Texas Military Forces. There are no pending rescue calls.”

Bill Kastel and his wife, whose mobile home was affected by flood waters, were flown to safety by a National Guard helicopter, according to WFAA-TV.

Kastel told the WFAA Chief Meterologist Pete Delkus, “My wife looked out the window and said, “Oh my God, the water’s under the house!’

“We’ve been living here for 20-25 years, and we never experienced any flooding like this… My wife says, ‘What are you gonna do, cry?'”

National Weather Service forecaster Daryl Williams reported that southwestern Oklahoma, near the towns of Elmer and Tipton, saw tornado occurrences. Another tornado was spotted near Elk City along Interstate 40. Williams added that there was a possibility of other tornado occurrences as well.

The catastrophe caused damage to homes, in addition to felling of power lines and barns in the Plains states.

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