Tornado Kills Man In Oklahoma

Tornado Kills Man In Oklahoma
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At least two people in Oklahoma were killed as tornadoes struck portions of the Plains on Monday.


One of the deceased victims, identified as Chester Barnes (76), was inside his home in Wynnewood, south of Oklahoma City, which was completely destroyed by the severe storms. As a result of the severity of the storm, communities that lied in the path were issued a “tornado emergency.”

“You are in a life-threatening situation,” forecasters said in their warning to the communities of Roff and Hickory. “Flying debris will be deadly to those caught without shelter.” Nevertheless, the communities, with populations of 725 and 71, respectively, were not affected by the major damage.

An undetermined number of homes in Murray, Gavin and Johnston counties suffered damage, as reported by FOX News. One person was injured, Murray County Emergency Management Director Gary Ligon said. One tornado formed in a rural area east of Elmore City; the tornado was moving towards east northeast. As it moved across the country, it sprang multiple vertexes.

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Interstate 35 was closed by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for 15 minutes on Monday to allow the storm to pass.

Jessica Randolph, who is a cashier at the Love’s Travel Stop in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma, said the employees and customers were urged to take shelter. “They put us in the showers,” Randolph said. “I drove in when all of that was going on. All we had was pea-sized hail.”

Dana Lance, who was driving through Roff on Monday, witnessed the skies getting dark as forecasters on the radio urged people to take cover. “I parked and went into the school, which has a safe room,” Lance said. “There were kids and elderly people, dogs and cats, babies. It was like the whole town was there.”

Tornadoes with speeds as high as 111 miles per hour are expected to affect eastern Oklahoma to central Arkansas. Meanwhile, eastern Texas to southeastern Kansas could experience hail of 2 inches or more. Storms from Houston to Sioux City, Iowa, could affect as many as 41 million people.

As reported by CBS News, a tornado risk was declared by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Arkansas is expected to witness tornadoes overnight Monday. The severe weather is expected to settle in the Ohio and Tennessee valleys. The area from north Texas to near St. Louis could bring more storms on Wednesday, according to forecasters.

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