Topless Parade In NY Sees More Than 100 Bare-Chested Participants Advocating Equality

Topless Parade In NY Sees More Than 100 Bare-Chested Participants Advocating Equality
NYC PRIDE 2013 Kasya Shahovskaya / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Following complaints about topless tip-seeking in Times Square, bare-chested women and men paraded through the streets of Manhattan.


People participated at the GoTopless’ Nipple Pride Parade knowing that appearing topless is legal in New York, and the authorities would not be able to stop them.

“Women ought to be able to have their tops off, just the way men can,” one woman said, as reported by CBS Local.

The parade kicked off at Columbus Circle and gradually progressed to Bryant Park. It came as a response to the controversy over topless and painted women posing for tips in Times Square.

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‘There are more important things to worry about’

The purpose of the parade was to advocate equality. In excess of 100 men and women participated in the parade, which is part of the annual GoTopless Day.

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According to ABC News, some people could not understand the frenzy behind the event.

“I don’t know why they’re making such a big deal out of it,” Paul Martin, from Amsterdam, said. “There are more important things to worry about than nipples.”

“It’s ridiculous, really,” Martin’s friend, Leonie van der Maden, said. “I’m perfectly OK with it. But why do you need to march, if it’s already legal?”

‘New York has been a beacon of topless equality’

GoTopless spokesperson Rachel Jessee said the parade was being held to support gender equality regarding baring one’s chest.

“For 23 years, New York has been a beacon of topless equality,” Jessee said.

“But few women exercise their topless rights in New York even now. Shame and guilt are deeply ingrained, and they find it hard to break free. The purpose of the Nipple Pride Parade is to empower them to overcome those feelings.”

The route of the parade was blocked off by the police.

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To address the issue of topless women in Times Square, Mayor Bill de Blasio formed a multiagency task force. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said that the pedestrian plaza should be torn down as it has become a place where gatherings are conducted that lead to problematic situations.

‘I wanted to show that you can breast feed in public’

Participants expressed their reasons for partaking in the event.

“We are doing it because it’s liberating, it’s free, it’s something different. Why not?” Claudia Simondi, a bartender in Hoboken, said.

Theresa Crudo, from the Bronx, paraded bare-chested. She came with her husband’s approval and also brought along her 15-month-old son.

“Boobs are natural, you know?” she said. “I wanted to show that you can breast feed in public and do what you have to do for your child.”

Sandy Belzer, a resident of New York and former bartender, said he has “seen it all.”

“But this is just a disgrace, what this city has come to,” he said. “What’s ‘equality for breasts’?”

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