Top US News: Zika Virus ‘Scarier’ Than Thought; Hillary Clinton, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Defend ‘CP Time’ Joke; & More

Top US News: Zika Virus ‘Scarier’ Than Thought; Hillary Clinton, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Defend ‘CP Time’ Joke; & More
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Zika virus “scarier” than previously believed


Health officials said on Monday that the mosquito that spreads the Zika virus is in 30 states in the United States. Calling for the Congress to pass $1.9 billion in emergency funding to tackle Zika that was requested by the Obama administration on February, officials said that “everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought,” the Huffington Post reports.

Although the virus was initially believed to cause mild illness, it actually is responsible for an acute birth defect and neurological diseases in adults.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, Hillary Clinton defend racial joke

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New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and former secretary of state and Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton defended a joke made by the mayor in a skit performed by the two at the Inner Circle Dinner, FOX News reports. Clinton thanked the mayor for his delayed endorsement towards her campaign, saying that it “took you long enough.”

In response, de Blasio said, “Sorry, Hillary. I was running on CP Time,” a phrase that indicates the stereotype African Americans are late for appointments. When Broadway actor Leslie Odom Jr., who was with de Blasio and Clinton, said, “That’s not – I don’t like jokes about that, Bill,” Clinton turned to Odom and said, “Careful Politician Time. I’ve been there.”

Texas police officer fired for throwing 12-year-old to the ground

Joshua Kehm, a Texas police officer, was fired on Monday after he was seen throwing a 12-year-old girl, Janissa Valdez, to the ground, New York Daily News reports. The incident, captured in a video that surfaced last week, occurred after Valdez and another girl were about to engage in a fight in the hallway of the Rhodes Middle School. Kehm was fired for his “absolutely unwarranted” conduct.

Human remains of Seattle area woman found, suspect arrested

John Robert Charlton has been arrested for the disappearance of Ingrid Lyne. The development came after human remains believed to be those of Lyne, a mother of three, were found in a recycling bin, FOX News reports. Booked into King County, Charlton will be investigated for homicide. Lyne disappeared after going on a blind date to a Seattle Mariners game.

Former New Orleans Saints’ Will Smith first claimed to have a gun, witness says

A bystander recorded in a video captured moments after the fatal shooting of ex New Orleans Saints’ Will Smith said that the footballer first claimed to have a gun.

As reported by the New York Post, the unidentified bystander can be heard in the footage saying, “This guy was like, ‘Get out of the f–king car, I have a gun.’ And he [suspect Cardell Hayes] goes, ‘F–k y’all, I got one, too,’ and he [Hayes] grabs a gun and shoots him [Smith] in the back. He’s dead.”

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  • Boss Freedom

    If racist jokes so funny, why isn’t anyone laughing? I tell you, these people are clueless. We need to get these cash heavy idiots out of power ASAP.

  • britbob

    Secretary Clinton on Falklands during press conference with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Buenos Aires 2010 : ‘As to the first point, we want very much to encourage both countries to sit down. Now, we cannot make either one do so, but we think it is the right way to proceed. So we will be saying this publicly, as I have been, and we will continue to encourage exactly the kind of discussion across the table that needs to take place .”

    Now if she’d been well-breiefed or done some independent research (she must employ staff to help her out) Hillary wouldn’t have fallen for that usurpation (seriously half the world was usurped in the 19th century) and those numerous resolutions that are just proposals from the UN Decolonisation Committee, a committee made up of member states like Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Syria. Hm. Should have done better…