Top US News: US Metropolises Witness Increase In Population Growth; Sports Authority To Close Stores; & More

Top US News: US Metropolises Witness Increase In Population Growth; Sports Authority To Close Stores; & More
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US metropolises see increase in population growth


Metropolises like Austin, Denver and Houston, and several other cities witnessed a significant growth in population last year, a United States Census Bureau data revealed. As reported by USA Today, while the growth rate has been the slowest in the last five years, it is almost double the average growth rate during 2000-2010. The biggest increase in raw population, however, was seen in New York City.

Sports Authority to close all of its stores across US

Unable to acquire a buyer, Sports Authority said it will shutter all of its more than 450 stores across the United States, as reported by the Baltimore Sun. In March, the company had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; and, as part of its restructuring efforts, was going to close 140 of its stores. However, an agreement could not be reached between the creditors and lenders. The company’s assets were bought by a liquidation of companies.

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George Zimmerman’s gun earns bid of nearly $140,000

George Zimmerman’s gun, which according to him was used in the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin, secured the highest bid of $138,9000 in an online auction, reports. It remains unclear whether the bid, made by John Smith, is valid. According to the United Gun Group, which conducted the auction, Zimmerman was “vetting several offers and verifying funds.”

Sumner Redstone will not receive salary from Viacom Inc.

Viacom, Inc. will stop paying the salary of Sumner Redstone, who has had longstanding ties with the company for several years, USA Today reports. Redstone, who is currently in need of 24-hour care, resigned from his post of the company’s chairman of board in February. His fiscal compensation in 2015 was brought down from $13 million to $2 million a year.

Viacom Inc. is the owner of media outlets like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV.

Child suspended for bringing bubble gun to class

A 5-year-old kindergarten student who brought a bubble gun to school was suspended for one day, reports.

While the Adams County School District 27J said in a statement that the suspension was “consistent” with similar situations that occurred in the past, the policy of the district outlines that “discretionary discipline” can be used in cases where a student shows a gun that “could reasonably by mistaken for an actual firearm.”

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