Top US News: Trump’s Abortion Remark Came From “Convoluted” Question, Kidnapped Baby Found Safe And More

Top US News: Trump’s Abortion Remark Came From “Convoluted” Question, Kidnapped Baby Found Safe And More
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Trump’s abortion remark came from a “convoluted” question


Republican front runner and business mogul Donald Trump said that his comments about punishing women seeking abortion if the operation is outlawed were taken out of context, FOX News reported. Speaking with O’Reilly Factor host Eric Bolling, Trump said he “could [have] misspoke.”

“That was a long, convoluted question,” Trump said. Trump had clarified his stand on abortions a few hours after he had made the remark, saying that it is not women seeking abortion but the doctors who perform the operation who are responsible.

Virginia state trooper dies from gunshot wounds after shooting at bus station

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Virginia State Trooper Chad Dermyer died from gunshot wounds following a shooting incident at the Greyhound bus station. Initials reports suggested that Dermyer, shot by the man who opened fire at the bus station, suffered life threatening injuries, People reported. The gunman was later killed by the police. Two civilians also suffered non life threatening injuries.

7 week old baby found safe after being abducted

A 7 week old baby, Ahsir Simmons, was found safe five hours after he was kidnapped by a stranger at the King of Prussia Mall, St. Louis Post Dispatch reported. The abductor, a woman, befriended Ahsir’s family at the mall. The woman asked Ahsir’s mother if she could hold him. It was when the mother received a call and started tending to her other children that the woman abducted the baby. The woman has been taken into custody and charges against her are pending.

Federal judge strikes down Mississippi’s ban on adoption by same sex couples

Mississippi’s ban on adoption by same sex couples was struck down by US District Judge Daniel Jordan on Thursday. According to Yahoo News, this comes following a lawsuit filed in August last year by four married same sex couples; two of them are raising children. While same sex marriage was legalized in the state in 2014, Mississippi was the only state to have a ban on adoption by same sex couples.

Chicago teachers on one day strike

Teachers in Chicago launched a one day strike targeting lawmakers to give adequate funds for education programs. Nearly 400,000 students will be affected by the strike; they will, however, have the option of going to contingency sites that Chicago Public Schools have opened at churches, libraries and school buildings, St. Louis Post Dispatch reported. The Chicago Teachers Union went on a strike in 2012, causing schools to be shuttered for more than a week; they eventually reached an agreement with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but the contract expired in June.

California, New York to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour

Governors of California and New York reached an agreement with lawmakers to increase the minimum wage of workers to $15 per hour, the Washington Post reported. While Governor Jerry Brown said he will sign the bill on Monday after it was passed in the legislature on Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo agreed on the deal to raise the minimum wage with his lawmakers on Thursday.

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