Top US News: Trump & Clinton Win Tuesday’s Primaries, Ohio Man Shoots Son, Child Killed Woman And More

Top US News: Trump & Clinton Win Tuesday’s Primaries, Ohio Man Shoots Son, Child Killed Woman And More
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Trump, Clinton win big in Tuesday’s primaries


Republican front runner Donald Trump and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton clinched major victories on Tuesday, as reported by CNN. While the business mogul bagged victories in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island; Clinton won in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won in Rhode Island.

Ohio man mistakes son for an intruder, fires bullet at child

An Ohio man shot his son, mistaking him to be an intruder, Times Daily reports. Although Biyaga Ceesay initially told the police that a stranger had shot his son, he later admitted that he mistakenly fired the bullet. The child was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition; he is expected to recover. Meanwhile, Ceesay was charged with domestic violence, assault and child endangerment.

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Transgender teen student suspended for one day for using boys’ bathroom

A transgender student at a South Carolina high school was suspended for one day after it was found that he used the boys’ bathroom. As he was going to the bathroom during a pep rally, he was followed by a teacher, who wanted to ensure that the student was using the right bathroom, as reported by CBS News. While he had been using the boys’ bathroom since seventh grade, he was told in his senior year to use the girls’ bathroom.

Oklahoma, Tulsa areas of high damage amid severe weather conditions

Severe weather conditions in Tulsa caused downing of trees and power lines, as reported by the Washington Post. While there have been no injuries reported, part of the area has been placed under a tornado watch. The emergency management department in Oklahoma City would be assessing the damage on Wednesday; as many as 68,000 residents in the state were left without electricity.

Woman fatally shot by child sitting in backseat

A 26-year-old woman was fatally shot in the back while driving south along the U.S. 41/Highway 175, after a child sitting in the backseat got hold of a gun, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The woman, who was not breathing when the investigators arrived, was pronounced dead at the scene. It hasn’t been made clear how the child got hold of the weapon, or what was the relationship between the woman and the child.

Hail, strong winds affect central U.S.

Hail and strong winds struck the central United States on Wednesday, as reported by ABC News. Northern Kansas experienced large hail, while communities from Nebraska and Missouri to Texas were affected by winds as strong as 74 miles per hour. However, the severe weather did not give rise to as many tornadoes as had been previously believed.

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