Top US News: Sea Levels Rising Faster, Missouri Senator Has Cancer, Starbucks’ Customers Not Happy With New Rewards System

Top US News: Sea Levels Rising Faster, Missouri Senator Has Cancer, Starbucks’ Customers Not Happy With New Rewards System

Sea levels rising faster than ever, scientists say


Seas around the world have risen more quickly than ever in the 20th century, scientists say. According to USA Today, studies released have deduced that warming of the planet is the reason for the rise in sea levels. Scientists also said that coastal flooding, as a result, is becoming more common. Bob Kopp, who led the study, said, “We can say with 95 percent probability that the 20th-century rise was faster than any of the previous 27 centuries.”

Missouri Senator diagnosed with breast cancer

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said that she is suffering from breast cancer. For the next three weeks, McCaskill will be in St. Louis where she will receive treatment. Prior to her election to the Senate, she was serving in the capacity of a Missouri auditor, according to US News and World Report. Her cancer, she said, was identified through a mammogram. “It’s a little scary, but my prognosis is good and I expect a full recovery,” she said.

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Starbucks’ customers not happy with the new rewards system

Starbucks has reportedly altered its rewards program, but customers don’t feel happy about the changes, CNN reports. While they received a star per visit earlier, they will now receive two stars per dollar spent. One can earn the gold status upon receiving 30 stars in a year, equivalent to 30 visits. According to the new system, customers will have to earn 300 points, which equals spending $150.

Teenager passenger in Pearl Harbor helicopter crash

A 16 year old boy, who was one of the passengers on a tour helicopter that was involved in the Pearl Harbor crash, has died. FOX News reports that the boy was trapped underwater. He had to be cut free from his seat. Two other family members were transported to the hospital where they remain in stable condition. Another member was treated at another hospital and subsequently released. The crash is being investigated by federal authorities.

Americans drove more than ever in 2015

New data from the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration revealed that Americans drove more miles than earlier in 2015, Scientific American reports. The driving has increased by a margin of 4.5 percent than what it was in 2014. Around 3.15 trillion miles were driven in 2015; the previous record was set for 3 trillion miles in 2007.

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