Top US News: Florida Gov Urges Yale Uni To Move From Connecticut, Google Launches Fiber Phone Service, 20 Students Rescued From Waters Off La Jolla Coast And More

Top US News: Florida Gov Urges Yale Uni To Move From Connecticut, Google Launches Fiber Phone Service, 20 Students Rescued From Waters Off La Jolla Coast And More
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Florida Gov Rick Scott urges Yale to move from Connecticut


Saying that Yale University should become part of a tax revolt, Florida Governor Rick Scott urged the prestigious Ivy League school to shift from Connecticut to Florida. Scott said this because of Connecticut’s state legislatures who are considering a bill aimed at taxing Yale’s $25.6 billion endowment, FOX News reported. Scott said that, if the shift occurs, the university will not be imposed with any taxes by Florida. Yale has more than 12000 students and 4000 professors.

20 students rescued from waters off La Jolla coast

Twenty students from Rancho Verde High School, Moreno Valley, who were members of a swim team were rescued from the waters off the the coast of La Jolla, KABC-TV reported. As part of the beach swim training, the students visited the coast to complete the long distance swim. The students were rescued by lifeguards at 1:15 p.m. One student suffered from a panic attack while in the water. Another student was taken to the hospital, while seven others received treatment at the scene.

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Google Fiber Phone service launched at $10 a month

The new Google Fiber Phone service, providing unlimited domestic calling, has been launched by the company. At $10 a month, the service allows unlimited local and nationwide calling, the Verge reported. The telephone service comes as an extension to the Fiber high speed and cable TV. Another impressive feature will allow users to have their voicemail transcribed and sent to their email. Google hasn’t released which markets will receive the initial launch.

Case of Zachary Hammond’s killing settled for $2.15M

The lawsuit in connection with the fatal shooting of 19 year old Zachary Hammond, shot by an officer last year in South Carolina, has been settled for $2.15 million, CNN reported. Hammond’s date had accidentally sent a text message to the phone number of a South Carolina highway patrol trooper; in the message, the date had offered to sell cocaine and marijuana. Lt. Mark Tiller, who was called as backup, arrived at the scene and approached Hammond’s vehicle with his gun drawn. Tiller shot as Hammond tried to escape.

Man claiming to be William Shatner’s biological son sues actor

William Shatner is being sued by 59 year old Peter Sloan who claims that the Star Trek actor is his biological father. Sloan’s biological mother, Kathy McNeil, had a brief affair with the actor while they were working together. In the lawsuit, Sloan is seeking $30 million in compensatory damages, $90 million in punitive damages and $50 million in pain and suffering, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. However, Shatner has denied that he is Sloan’s biological father.

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