Top US News: Five States To Hold Primaries Tuesday; February Sets Global Temperature Record And More

Top US News: Five States To Hold Primaries Tuesday; February Sets Global Temperature Record And More
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Humans of New York creator criticizes Donald Trump in open letter


In an open letter, Humans of New York blogger and photographer Brandon Stanton referred to Republican front runner Donald Trump as “hateful,” saying that the business mogul has used racism as means to move forward in his campaign, CNN reports. Stanton started Humans of New York, a compilation of photographs and interviews of people living in the city, in 2010.

Presidential primaries in five states on Tuesday

Five US states will be holding presidential primaries on Tuesday. In Florida, the winning Republican will receive 99 delegates. According to a poll, front runner Donald Trump is leading by a healthy margin of 17 percent over Senator Marco Rubio. As reported by the Voice of America, on the Democratic side, polls reveal that Hillary Clinton is ahead of her rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, in North Carolina and Florida.

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January marks 51st consecutive month of payroll growth in Colorado

In January 2016, Colorado laid off 6700 jobs in oil and gas and mining as compared to the same month last year, Denver Post reports. However, 5200 nonfarm payroll jobs were introduced in January, according to estimates released by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Four thousand three hundred of these jobs are in the private sector and 900 in government. With this, January became the 51st consecutive month of payroll growth.

Sony to buy remaining Sony/ATV shares from Michael Jackson’s estate

Sony agreed to buy 50 percent of Sony/ATV from Michael Jackson’s estate in a deal worth $750 million. Sony/ATV, the music publishing company, was a joint venture between Jackon’s ATV and Sony; and was created in 1995. The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of the month. The company will retain the songs either written by Jackson or bought by him, TMZ reports.

February sets global temperature records

Last month was recorded to be the hottest February in the history of our planet, the Brunswick News reports. Studies conducted by NASA revealed that this year’s February was 2.43 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the average from 1951 to 1980. With this trend, this year could be the third record warm year in a row.

3 Chicago officers wounded; attacker killed

Three Chicago police officers being treated for their injuries after a shootout are expected to survive. They were shot in the back, foot and chest area respectively. The attacker was killed while the woman who was with him has been taken into custody, Chicago Tribune reports. The incident came after the officers were responding to complaints regarding narcotics in the area.

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