Top US News: Boston May Witness Snow Sunday, LA Construction Worker Falls 800 Ft. To Death, Clinton Wins Missouri Primary, & More

Top US News: Boston May Witness Snow Sunday, LA Construction Worker Falls 800 Ft. To Death, Clinton Wins Missouri Primary, & More
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Boston expected to witness snow Sunday


The Boston area could witness a winter storm on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. With the forecast expecting the storm to move to the East Coast this weekend, the storm could strike Boston late Sunday up to early Monday, according to the Boston Globe. While inland areas can receive more snow than rain, Providence and parts of New England will see a mix of the two.

LA construction worker falls 800 feet to his death

A construction worker fell to his death from a Los Angeles skyscraper Thursday. The incident, which occurred around noon, involved a man on his second day at the project falling almost 800 feet from the Wilshire Grand Center. According to the Charlotte Observer, it was later found out that the worker was not supposed to go above the third floor. He had also removed his hardhat.

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SeaWorld won’t hold killer whales in captivity

SeaWorld said it will stop the breeding of killer whales, Vox reports. With the release of the 2013 documentary “Blackfish” that chronicled the captivity of orcas or killer whales, SeaWorld has faced the heat of immense criticism. There has been a significant drop in the number of visitors to the parks since the movie was released. The stock prices have also dropped by more than half.

Larry Drake, known for his role in LA Law, dies at 66

Larry Drake, popularly known for his role as Benny on “LA Law,” died Thursday, according to TMZ. He was 66. The actor suffered health issues pertaining to his weight; however, they weren’t acute or terminal. Drake won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor two times consecutively in 1988 and 1989.

Hillary Clinton wins Missouri primary

Hillary Clinton won the Missouri Democratic primary Thursday, ABC News reports. With this win, Clinton clinched victory in all primaries conducted on Thursday. The former Secretary of State beat Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by a margin of 1,531 votes, making it the 18th contest won by Clinton in the primary season.

Surveillance video released in Texas girl disappearance case

A surveillance video authorities hope will help in the finding of 14-year-old Adriana Coronado has been released. According to WOAI, she was with her father – Caesar Coronado, whose body was discovered burned between Interstate 45 and state highway 75. Their truck was found 50 miles away. In the video, a man can be seen leaving the scene where the truck was discovered.

Chipotle Feb sales go down 26 percent

Chipotle said it will report a loss in the first quarter, as its sales for February fell by 26 percent, NBC News reports. This will be the first quarterly loss for the company since 2006 when it went public. The decline follows the loss in sales for January. After an E. Coli outbreak and other incidents, Chipotle has been suffering from low sales. The company said that they had taken the necessary steps to ensure food safety.

Researcher injured in Hawaii lab explosion

A visiting researcher was seriously injured in an explosion at a laboratory at the University of Hawaii. The victim sustained burns on her face and injuries to her arm, the Washington Post reports, and was subsequently taken to The Queen’s Medical Center. No one else was injured in the incident.

Report: Homes, schools and daycare centers get lead tainted water

As many as six million homes in the United States have lead tainted water with levels higher than allowed by U.S. federal guidelines, reports. Lead was found in 2,000 water systems across the country. This water was also supplied to several daycare center and schools.

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