Top US News: Baby With Microcelaphy Linked To Zika Virus Born In New Jersey; LA Starbucks To Serve Nitro Cold Brew; & More

Top US News: Baby With Microcelaphy Linked To Zika Virus Born In New Jersey; LA Starbucks To Serve Nitro Cold Brew; & More
Starbucks Coffee Rudolf Schuba / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Baby with microcelaphy, linked to Zika virus, born in New Jersey


A child suffering from microcelaphy, a medical condition where the child’s brain and head are not completely developed, was born in New Jersey on Tuesday, as reported by FOX News. The mother of the baby contracted the Zika virus in Honduras. On Friday, she was admitted to the Hackensack University Medical Center while she was holidaying in the United States. The baby also suffered from intestinal and visual conditions.

Starbucks stores in LA to add nitro cold brew to their menu

Coffee chain Starbucks announced that it will be adding nitro cold brew to its menu in stores in Los Angeles and six other cities, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Previously, the brew was only available at the Reserve Roastery and Tasting Rooms. The coffee, which will taste creamier and frothier, is served from a tap. It is the standard Starbucks cold brew with an infusion of nitrogen.

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Gravestones at Michigan burial ground vandalized over Memorial Day weekend

Gravestones of several graves at a burial ground in Michigan were vandalized during Memorial Day weekend, as reported by Headlines and Global News. Among the wrecked graves was of Revolutionary War veteran Michael Vreeland. Flat Rock Police Lt. Kevin Murphy described the incident as “indiscriminate, saying he did not think “it was directed at veterans.”

Woman graduates from the school she was abandoned in

Jillian Sobol was abandoned by her mother in a box in a laundry room at San Francisco State University in November 1984. As reported by People, she graduated from the same school on Friday. After a search was undertaken to find her adoptive parents when she was left by her mother, she was placed in the care of Sam and Helene Sobol.

Sanders earns superdelegate in Hawaii

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has picked up a superdelegate in Hawaii. As reported by the Hawaii News Now, Tim Vandeveer was elected by the state Democratic party to serve as party chairman. Sanders earned 70 percent vote in Hawaii’s Democratic caucus, and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton acquired 30 percent. While Clinton has 2312 delegates, Sanders has 1545. To clinch the Democratic nomination, a contender requires 2383 delegates.

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