Top US News: Alien Signals Traced To Faraway Galaxy, Boy Killed In Virginia Storm, Apple Upgrading Security & Donald Trump Is Confidence

Top US News: Alien Signals Traced To Faraway Galaxy, Boy Killed In Virginia Storm, Apple Upgrading Security & Donald Trump Is Confidence
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Alien signals traced to faraway galaxy


The source of “fast radio bursts” has been traced by scientists to a galaxy six billion light years away, RT reports. With the first radio burst received in 2007, 17 such bursts have been recorded till date; but they only lasted a few milliseconds. The FRBs for long have been believed to be signs of life in space.

2 year old boy killed in Virginia storm

Tornadoes that lashed Mississippi and Louisiana wreaked havoc along the East Coast on Wednesday. A 2 year-old-boy, among four, was killed when a possible tornado struck Waverly, Virginia, CNN reports. In all, seven people have been killed in the storms. As many as 209,000 people were left without power.

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Apple to upgrade security, making it more difficult to hack iPhones

With Apple working on strategizing new measures, it will become immensely difficult – almost impossible – for the government to hack into a locked iPhone, the New York Times reports. Law enforcement agencies will find it extremely challenging if Apple manages to upgrade its security.

Full House cast admits they didn’t think much about their characters after show ended

It has been 20 years since Full House ended; and with Netflix unveiling the sequel, Fuller House, soon, some fans might have been wondering what happened to DJ Tanner and her friends after the end of the show. However, Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ, and Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie, say they didn’t much think about their characters, Huffington Post reports.

Trump looking at Super Tuesday with confidence

Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, is looking at the March 1 Super Tuesday primaries with a lot of hope and confidence, according to Business Standard. Trump emerged victorious in the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday. on Wednesday, he said, “I do want somebody that’s political, because I want to get lots of great legislation we all want passed. We’re going to probably choose somebody that’s somewhat political.”

Colorado deputy killed, two others injured, in shootout

Corporal Nate Carrigan, a Colorado deputy, was killed in a shootout on Wednesday, CBS News reports. Two other deputies were injured. The suspect, identified as Martin Wirth, shot the deputies at 9:30 a.m. One of the deputies sustained life threatening injuries and remains in critical condition, while the other was treated and released from the hospital.

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